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im allways sceewing up

6th May, 2006. 7:09 pm. our horse,daisey

trying,train a 3 year old perchoin ,my wife keep telling me we should wait till 5 years old that we have waut ,anybody know what age too start training

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18th February, 2006. 10:24 pm. job

aother job just what i need i allready work 80 hours now,let just go for 120,my girl and her horse are killing me,life realy sucks,but the way she dosent suck at all,taking me for the ride.till the end of my time,but i need some to eat like a thin girl i can get inbween her kegs with out fighting her big fat legs too get to her clit

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16th February, 2006. 6:48 am. my car

slid on ice,2500 damage ,but all igot pay ,is 500.,but it still sucks because eather i pay that bill ,or i cant pay the rent,or my car payments just dont make enfoff money.im allway making the wrong decesizion.never should have come too whitesburg ,and got more anamals,should have never goten the horse there fun but not worth all the money

Current mood: bitchy.

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